We believe in being completely open about how the funds we raise are used, so here’s a brief version of our accounts from launch in April to June 20th 2019:

Gross Paypal Revenue: £4735.60

Net (after fees): £4491.16

Gross Stripe Revenue: £2556.60

Net (after fees): £2206.28

Other Income: £10.00

Total Income Received at Bank: £6,707.44

Salary Expenditure: £0.00

Dividend Pay Outs: £0.00

Weather Station Equipment (Visible Climate): £501.16

Banking Fees: £7.80

Professional Services: £395.34

Office Supplies: £108.30

Software: £21.25

Online Services and Website: £466.23

Equipment: £551.01

Total Expenditure: £2,051.09

Allocated to Small Grants: £1,000

Allocated to Research Grants: £2,000

Allocated to Commissions: £750

Total To Environmental Projects and Causes: £3,750.00

Cash From Projects Still Open: £260

Corporation Tax Set Aside: £350

Cash Left At Bank (Running Costs): £296.35

Total At Bank: £906.35